Aldo Sessa


1939. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Started his career as an artist at the De Ridder Atelier at the age of 10.
Later specializing in graphic design, graphic arts, cinematography and photography.
1952. Participated in his first group exhibition 35 Children Artists, Müller Gallery.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1958. Began collaborating as free-lance photographer for La Nacion newspaper.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1962. Studied cinematography under the direction Sidney Paul Solow President of Consolidated
Film Industries. Hollywood, California, USA.
1964. Began collaborating as illustrator and free-lance photographer for La Gaceta newspaper.
Tucuman, Argentina.
1972. Signed his first contract as an artist with Bonino Gallery (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro,
New York.)
1974. Met the famous Austrian photojournalist Lisl Steiner, with whom he began sharing a deep
friendship based on a common philosophy that influenced many of his projects.
1976. Illustrated the book Cosmogonies with poems by Jorge Luis Borges. This was the first of
43 art books published until 2008.
The Argentine Government selected his triptych Before the Beginning (236 x 79 inches)
to be given to the US Government as a gift commemorating the Bicentennial Celebration
of Independence. This work is still displayed at the Lyndon Johnson Space Center, NASA.
Houston, Texas, USA.
1978. Began collecting 19th century cameras and photographs taken by argentine and foreign
professional photographers about Argentina.
1979. Illustrated the book The Ghosts of Forever with essays and poems by Ray Bradbury,
Published by Rizzoli International NY. USA.
1980. His painting Humorum (94.5 x 63 inches) was selected for the collection of the National
Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution. Washington D.C., USA.
1986. Designed and manufactured exclusive sets of China dinnerware as well as inlaid marble
boxes for Frank Macintosh at Henri Bendel. New York, USA.
1989. Held a retrospective exhibition The Art of Photography at the National Museum of Fine
(cont) Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also held at Villa Victoria. Mar del Plata, Argentina,
and the National Museum of Fine Arts. Santiago, Chile.
1990. Last photographer to register the painted vault “Ejercicio Plástico” by Mexican
artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Quinta Los Granados, Don Torcuato, Argentina.
1991. Named Honorary Member of the Argentine Federation of Photography.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Named Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1992. Photographed Israel invited by the Israeli Government.
1994. Opened an itinerant exhibition One Hundred Snapshots on Israel.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Inaugurated Mega exhibition The Argentines, showing 400 portraits of national celebrities.
The attendance reached 250,000 visitors. Palais de Glace, National Palace of the Arts.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1997. Member of the Board of Fundacion Leer (Reading is Fundamental, Argentina branch)
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1998. Inaugurated Mega exhibition The Gauchos, their landscape, customs, skills and luxuries.
Palais de Glace, National Palace of the Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2001. Presentation and donation of Aldo Sessa’s books. National Library of Austria.
Vienna, Austria.
2003. Presented The Creative Hands, an exclusive selection of photographs for Hermès Paris.
Palatina Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2005. Awarded the Honorable Mention Senator Domingo Faustino Sarmiento by the
Honorable Senate in recognition for the enterprising work carried out during his
distinguished artistic career.
2006. Celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Sessa Editores at the Museum of Latin-American Art
in Buenos Aires (MALBA). Argentina.
2007. Named Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires, by the City Legislature.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2008. Currently working on his itinerant retrospective exhibition opening spring 2009,
Aldo Sessa, Fifty Years in Photography. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He has performed over 200 exhibitions since 1952 until this year.